Our Team

GRC Technology Centre academic researchers are drawn from the three leading universities: UCC, NUIG-Insight Centre and UCD. The team is international, multi-disciplinary and includes industry professionals, subject matter experts (SMEs) and researchers from the disciplines of finance, information systems, law, computer science and knowledge engineering. It also includes visiting researchers from Germany and Mexico.




Our team comprises multidisciplinary specialists in technology, GRC and regulation.

  • Peter Cowap
  • Prof. Tom Butler View Publications
  • Prof. Cal Muckley
  • Dr Paul Buitelaar
  • Dr Elie Abi-Lahoud
  • Dr Marcello Ceci
  • Dr Georgeta Bordea
  • Leona O’Brien
  • Dr. Selja Seppälä
  • Patrick O’Sullivan
  • Bill Emerson
  • Dr Angelina Espinoza (‘Visiting’)
  • Prof. Marcus Spies (‘Visiting’)
  • Dr Mary Daly
  • Declan O’Flynn
  • Massimo della Rovere
  • Dr Firas Al-Khalil
  • Dzmitry Yahoudzik
  • James O’Neil (NUIG-Insight)
  • Cecile Robin (NUIG-Insight)
  • Dr Hai Huang (UCC)