GR3C are the Technology Sponsor of the first Fintech Performance Report

By admin
Posted on May 25th, 2016


For the first time Market Fintech is compiling a FinTech Performance Report purely for the financial services and banking industry.  The formula is an annual analysis of FinTech sales which will be broken down into sectors and categories.

As FinTech valuations fluctuate, and in some cases, fall, do we truly know where the market is?  Who is performing and who isn’t?  We’ll explore who’s deploying RegTech, where and why.

This report is free to enter on the 26th October, 2016 – London. The RegTech Performance Report will also be featured and discussed at the RegTech Live 2016 shows in autumn in the City of London and NYC.

Visit the Official Website: Marketfintech

Follow the Conversation: #regtechreport

Engage via Twitter: @FinTech_Market

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