How Membership Works
Our goal is to enhance the competitive advantage of Ireland’s learning technology industry through applied innovation. Membership is open to organisations who are interested in working with us to develop, apply and exploit breakthrough learning technologies.

Our members have the opportunity to influence the centre’s research agenda and to shape solutions. By actively engaging in research projects, you will also benefit from the sharing of best practice with our world-class industry and research partners.

Membership benefits include:

  • Influence over a multi-million Euro research programme
  • First sight of research outputs and options to licence technologies
  • Access to additional national and international research funding
  • Growth opportunities through tailored innovation services
  • Invitations to exclusive outreach activities and events



Get Involved
We plan tailored membership programmes to suit the needs of your business, whether an early stage start-up, established SME or large multinational.

To find out more, please contact Peter Cowap – P.Cowap(at)